V-FIT Brand

          "V-Fit, Young Rice Milk Cereal Drink" : A legend of rice milk began in the Buddha period, known as "Mathupayas rice". Ancient people harvested and made rice milk from the ears of paddy to offer to monks for the blessed beginning of their harvest year. They believe that rice milk is ambrosia, which can activate the brain, prolong live, and strengthen the healthy. It is also considered as an elixir, protecting all kinds of diseases and prospering the drinkers. V-Fit Young Rice Milk is made from young rice or fresh paddy. It smells fresh, sweet-scented, filled with vitamins and minerals and no cholesterol. Its usefulness is to enhance your immunization and the beauty of complexion. Above all, it is for everybody in all age. V-Fit is well packed by UHT process to prolong its life up to one year.




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