Employee Welfare


          Ampolfood Processing Ltd. or APF rewards all employees who works their best with welfare and benefits as follows:

Social Security
          A legal fund set up for employees whose sickness or illness arise from their work.


Compensation Fund
          A legal fund set up for employees who are sick, pregnant, disabled, or dead when they are not in working period.


Provident Fund
          A legal fund deducted from both employee and company for retiring period.
(On progress)

Annual Health Examine
          The company will hire a reliable hospital to examine all employee healths.

Nursing Room
          The company will arrange a nursing room and all necessary medicines for its employees. 


          We believe that qualified employees will bring the company to the success point. That is why we give opportunities for employees to learn and practice their skills by inside and outside company training.

Employee Cooperatives
          Ampolfood  Employee Cooperatives is set up for employee financial welfare without any profit by executing 3 activities: monthly saving, loan, and money deposit.


Vehicle Loan
          The company and Treepetch Izuzu Sales Co., Ltd. agreed to grant Ampolfood employees a quick loan with lower interest.


Accommodation Loan
          An accommodation is necessary to sustain live. The company makes an agreement with the Government Housing Bank (GHB) to manage financial loan welfare with lower interest. Our employees will be privilege to obtain special interest rates and financial amount.


Special Offer for Employee buying
          The company will offer discount in case that its employees buy products within the appointed limit.


Annual Trip and Seminar
          The company will manage a trip to tourist sites so that its employees can relax. Also, the company will organize activities to improve employee working skill and teamwork.