Organizational Culture



          Ampolfood Processing Ltd. or APF is a leading company in instant foods production and distribution. It is a firm business organization aiming to respond customers satisfaction with its high standard of quality and moral, which lead to customers trust and company is thriving through all the past 10 years.

         Today, we are food manufacturing company. Our products are sold in every part of the world. We are a leading company in ready-to-eat products. Our successful business has never held us from developing. We still move forward to produce the best products for our customers.

          The company personalities are teamwork, high discipline, service-minded quality, no seniority, patience, devotion, resistance, principle-orientation, logic, and present-orientation. The company is attitude is to improve and gradually develop its competitiveness to the better level. Besides, we encourage our employees to take part in every process. We also have profit sharing system and fair salary structure to all employees.

          If you are a person who looks for progress in career and intend to develop and build up self-value, especially, if you are

          1. Determined, Patient, Devoting Fighter.
          2. Responsible, Motivated, Disciplined Person.
          3. Enthusiastic person to learn new things and progress in profession.
          4. Courage person to express ideas and listen to other co-workers.
          5. Positive-thinking, created, and service-minded person.

          Above all, if you are confident that you are the person, who we are looking for, and ready to grow with us, we would be delighted to have you as our one of efficient team.