Business Ethics


Code of Business Ethics




The Company is committed to operate all activities within the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations affecting its businesses and employees.


1. The Code of Business Ethics adherence to good governance for creating confidence to all stakeholders. The company focuses on qualifications which are transparency, responsibility, equality and fairness in order to sustainable growing business with responsible to environment and society. Ampol Food Processing defines stakeholders interested as follows;


     1.1 Shareholders

          1) Respect and concern to all shareholders equally and also bring shareholders recommendations to apply

          2) Manage company with are transparency, responsibility, equality and fairness in order to sustainable growing business

          3) Disclosure company information properly and professionally with transparency and accuracy


     1.2 Customers

          1) Fulfill customers need with quality and safety products and services equally.

          2) Strongly stands with honesty and integrity to all customers

          3) Giving proper and accurate information to customers

          4) Listen and Recommend the right information to all customers

          5) Ampol Food does not disclose customers’ information and keep confidentiality.


     1.3 Employees

          1) Supports and Enhances knowledge to employees and company is fairly treated with respect and dignity without giving priority to anyone.

          2) Ampol Food Processing’s practice is to compensate employees competitively relative to the industry and local labor market.

          3) Provides proper welfare to employees

          4) Respect and concern for other opinions.

          5) Provides safety and sanitary workplace to all employees to operate tasks efficiency. 

          6) Consistent with its respect for employee privacy, Ampol Food Processing does not normally disclose personal data outside or inside of work


     1.4 Business Partners

          1) Coordinate and sharing beneficial information all benefits together   

          2) Must stand for honesty and integrity to business partners

          3) Listen and Recommend the right information to all business partners


     1.5 Society and Environment

          1) Support and help society and community in which the company operates to have better living quality

          2) Take responsibility for ensuring that all standards on environmental protection are met in which the company operates.

          3) Provide responsively communication for surrounding community which effected from company activities.



2. Conflicts of Interests


While working it may face with situations which may raise conflicts of interests to stakeholders, therefore Ampol Food Processing LTD defines our policy as follows;


     2.1 Employees must never compete against the company and never seek and take owned opportunity or benefits of company from business partner and stakeholders.


     2.2 Employees must not take moneys or gratuities from customers, business partners or any stakeholders on behalf of company.


     2.3 Employees shall fully devote themselves and time to Ampol Food Processing‘s business. Doing outside work must not adversely affect his performance in the company and must not undertake any activities of outside jobs and affiliations of close relatives.



3 Information Disclosures


Company’s financial report and financial budget must follow principal and accountant system standard report correctly. Moreover, company’s internal system control takes charge in looking into working process to ensure financial report comply to government laws, rules and regulations.



4 Laws and Regulations


All of us must obey the letter and the spirit of the law at all times, wherever we live or work



5 Fair and equal treatment


     5.1 Operate fair treatment and equal employment opportunity to customers, business partners, competitors, shareholders and employees.


     5.2 Company must not intentionally bias on decision making


     5.3 The company ‘s policy avoid to give any opinion on sensitive issues such as race, national origin, religion, gender, age, education background, etc. For instance, the company shall not discriminate in an employment opportunity, developing and promoting employees, nor shall it choose to do business with companies or individuals from only certain countries or of only certain nationalities.


     5.4 Take responsibility to provide best standard environmental workplace


     5.5 Protect employees privacy and confidential data which given to company



6  Company Assets and Intellectual property


     6.1 All employees must fully protect company assets and intellectual property 


     6.2 All employees must not bring or use report, information, formula, statistics, program, process, fact, or any confidential data that are considered as intellectual property without specific permission from the copy right owners.


     6.3 Under no circumstances will the employees use these properties to the detriment of Ampol Food Processing , or for their own benefit, or benefit of politics.



7 Anti-Corruption

In this regard, all aspects of its operations shall be conducted in strict conformance with all applicable laws and regulations and anti-corruption as follows;


     7.1 Being transparent in communications with government officials during your works.

Personnel are strictly prohibited from offering, authorizing, giving, promising or receiving anything of value to/from a governmental official or a private entity that could be perceived as an inducement or bribe to help Ampol Food Processing in its business.


     7.2 Setting Human Resource Management system with transparency and inspection


     7.3 Provides internal control system to protect and inspect immediately. For instance putting ERP system into company’s working system process


     7.4 Fully and strictly follow government laws and regulations



8 Political activity


     8.1 Ampol Food Processing personnel may not make any political contribution on behalf of the Company or using corporate funds. Besides comply to government laws and democracy


     8.2 Personnel are prohibited from using any Ampol Food Processing’s property or facility, or the working time of any Ampol Food Processing  personnel member, for any political activity.


     8.3 Management level must not influencing public policy decisions by providing information to elected or appointed officials and their staff. Lobbying activities include both direct communication with public officials and providing support to any person who engage are not allowance.



9 Health Safety Security and Environment


Ampol Food Processing conducts and realizes food safety system, environmental management, social responsibility by set up quality management systems in order to improve customer satisfaction continuously and all stakeholders and providing those quality standards mentality to follow as company policy


Kriangsak Theppadungporn
Managing Director
June.15 2009